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To ensure we meet our high quality standards and supply best value to our customers, we leverage our ISO 9001 QMS to continuously improve our processes when producing PET bottles and preforms.

Our ISO:9001 manufacturing procedures use Standard Operating Controls (SOCs) and Standard Process Controls (SPCs) for consistent bottle supply.

MCORP implements rigorous quality tests and controls during bottle manufacturing. Tests are administered before production begins, hourly during production, and at the start of the each shift. Some ISO:9001 documented tests are:

  • Dimensional tests
    • Bottle height
    • Bottle weight
    • Fill line specifications
    • Overflow capacity
    • Wall thickness
  • Performance tests
    • Drop test
    • Top load
    • Leak testing
  • Visual tests
    • Electronic visual inspection
    • Parting line quality
    • Neck angles (bent necks)
    • Support ledge angles (bent support ledges)
    • Bottle surface quality (surface dirt)
    • Panel checks (paneling)
    • Off center gates
    • Bottle stability (bottom rock)

HACCP is a preventative food safety system. It identifies critical control points in out production process and manages/monitors these points to ensure the safest product is being produced.

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